RCM is a premier bulk salt and bagged calcium chloride distributor on the east coast. Our salt distribution center is located in Bristol, PA at our deep-water shipping terminal.  With a salt storage capacity of 250,000 tons managed by 3 separate loaders, direct transportation access to all major thoroughfares (e.g. PA Turnpike, NJ Turnpike, Route 1), and flexible hours with extended loading times upon request, we serve our customers with the highest quality materials in a timely manner.


A Commitment To Quality

RCM is well integrated into the Silvi Group of Companies, which has made a commitment to offering top quality products and services since its inception in 1947. This standard of excellence extends deeply into Riverside Construction Materials, Inc. and its salt operations.

Massive quantities of rock salt being unloaded at Riverside Construction Materials.
Our Massive Salt Inventory. At maximum capacity, our impressive 250,000 ton inventory of rock salt is kept safe year-round, protected against weather to maintain a low moisture content and high efficacy.

RCM Salt Leadership

Here are some of the key figures at our company who have enabled our continued success through the realization of customer and product excellence.

  • Tim Kurz Photo

    Tim Kurz, Sr. Vice President

    As Senior Vice President, Tim has engineered and advanced the operations at Riverside Construction Materials, Inc. since the company’s inception in 1986. Tim’s expertise across all of our salt products is demonstrated through a commitment to product quality and customer excellence.

  • Larry Silvi III Photo

    Larry Silvi III, Vice President of Salt Sales

    As Director of Salt Sales for Riverside Construction Materials, Inc. Larry has continuously orchestrated the procurement and distribution of rock salt, treated salt, and calcium chloride to meet customer requirements. Larry’s client focus has enabled the expansion of RCM salt operations since 2016. With 8 years of sales experience, Larry understands the importance of delivering high quality products in a timely fashion