Calcium Chloride Pellets, also known as ‘Ice Melt’ pellets, are a high performance solution for melting winter ice and snow.  Calcium Chloride is best suited applications such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways, steps and other areas where routine safe-passage is required.

Calcium Chloride Properties & Features

Calcium chloride pellets work much quicker than traditional sodium-based rock salt. Its lightweight, porous nature allows it to stick to surfaces and initiate a reaction immediately. As a result, this product is well-suited to managing pedestrian-access as it will restore safe conditions in a timely manner. Calcium chloride is only available in bagged quantities.

Fastest Results

Calcium chloride works quicker than traditional rock salt.

Lowest Effective Temp.

This product is effective down to -25 degrees Farenheit.

Penetrates Deeper

Calcium Chloride pellets penetrate deeper to react at the ground-level.

Lasts Longer

Calcium chloride breaks down slower than rock salt.

Heat-Releasing Power

Calcium chloride releases heat when it reacts with ice and snow.

ASTM Compliant

Our uniform pellets meet the ASTM requirements for particle size.

94-97% Dihydrate Calcium Chloride

High purity product equates to higher performance upon application.

Pellets = Less Clumps

Their small round shape makes it harder for individual pieces to clump for more precise dispersion.

Solid White Color

Solid white and round in appearance for a visibility adequate application.

Bagged Bulk Quantities

Available in 40 lb. bags, 48 bags per pallet, 18 pallets per truck.

Applications & Uses For Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is the most effective solution for rapidly melting ice and snow, as it works faster than traditional rock salt and is effective at lower temperatures. It is suitable for roadways as well as smaller scale applications. Due to its high performance, ice melt is ideal for clearing public spaces to maintain safety for pedestrians.

Sidewalks & Walkways

Sidewalks & Walkways

RCM Calcium Chloride Pellets are the optimal choice for clearing passages for foot traffic. They will penetrate down to the walkway surface quickly, and work to separate and eliminate ice and snow even in well-below freezing temperatures.

Parking Lots, Private & Public Driveways

Parking Lots, Private & Public Driveways

Parking lots can be cleared quickly and maintained during extreme temperatures when treated with RCM calcium chloride pellets. Our high concentration formula of pellets contain 94-97% of the active ingredient for faster-acting, longer-lasting treatment of your lots & driveways.

Shopping Centers & Business Facilities

Shopping Centers & Business Facilities

Shopping centers, warehouses and other places of commerce are expected to be kept safe during business hours. RCM calcium chloride pellets work quickly to ensure expectations of safety can be met quickly and continually by rapidly melting ice & snow.

Add To Your Rock Salt Treatments

Add To Your Rock Salt Treatments

Calcium chloride can be dispersed into your standard rock salt treatment to allow the rock salt to be effective at lower temperatures. Because of this, each treatment will work for longer periods of time and under harsher conditions than otherwise would be possible.

Get Bulk Ice Melt in PA, NJ and DE

We are the premier distributor of bagged calcium chloride pellets in the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond. Whether you’re looking to stop by our distribution center or have a fresh supply of calcium chloride delivered to you, Riverside Construction Materials, Inc. has you covered.

Ice Melt Distribution Center in Bristol, PA

Our distribution center is located in Bristol, PA at our deep-water shipping terminal. With easy access and fast loading through an auto-attended operation, there is no facility more well suited to manage bulk quantities of calcium chloride.

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We deliver ice melt to customers all over southeastern PA, with a steady supply from our Bristol distribution center.

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Our clients in New Jersey enjoy a steady supply of high quality calcium chloride to manage tough winter conditions.

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