The Silvi Group Companies’ story begins in 1947

Silvi Concrete

Like our products, our business has stood the test of time. Established in 1947, Silvi has become one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of concrete products and building materials in the Northeast U.S.

Gibraltar Rock

Gibraltar Rock is equipped to haul stone for any size project, with 350 million tons of reserves. Whether you need it by truck or rail, Gibraltar Rock can deliver thousands of tons any day that you need it. Our products offer strength and quality you can trust.

Sahara Sand

Sahara Sand covers your needs from fine separator sand to ¾" gravel and everything in between. With more than 200 million tons of reserves and two large dredging operations, we are one of the largest providers of high quality sand product on the Eastern Seaboard.

Riverside Construction Materials

In addition to salt, Riverside Construction Materials is also one of the largest cement and slag import terminals in North America. With three blending and processing domes and a capacity of 170,000 tons of storage, we are able to service our customers with the highest quality materials and cementitious products from around the world.