Treated bulk salt is a powerful combination of sodium chloride rock salt with a deep-saturation treatment of liquid magnesium chloride, OBPE, and high-visibility dye. The result of this combination is a product that is effective at lower temperatures and works faster overall compared to untreated rock salt.

Treated Rock Salt Properties & Features

It all starts with our superior rock salt, which is at least 95% sodium chloride, selectively sourced for its high-purity, which lends to better results. Next, we apply a treatment of magnesium chloride and OBPE, which increases effectiveness and enables the product to be used at lower temperatures with greater benefits than untreated salt.

Works Faster

Penetrates ice faster, adheres better and bounces less.

Lower Effective Temp.

This product is effective down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

ASTM Compliant

Our treated salt meets the ASTM requirements for particle size.

Superior Treatment

Our treatment is coated thoroughly for deep-saturation.

At Least 95% Sodium Chloride

A better base means a better final product. Made from RCM Rock Salt.

Anti-Caking Agent

Treated against clumping for more effective coverage & distribution.

Low Moisture Content

A low moisture content lends to better results upon application.

Teal/Green Color

Easily spotted on all surfaces, which increases pedestrian caution.

Use Less Product

Increased effectiveness reduces the need for distributing higher quantities.

Bulk Availability

Strong reserves mean reliable sourcing of large quantities.

Applications & Uses For Treated Rock Salt

Treated rock salt works for all of the same applications as our bulk rock salt, except it does the job faster and with less product than you would need with untreated rock salt.

Roads & Highways

Roads & Highways

RCM Treated Salt is a superior option for managing winter road conditions as it clings to wet, icy or snowy surfaces. Due to its fast-acting nature, it is a better option for applying during and after a winter snowstorm when restoring safe driving conditions is a priority.

Parking Lots, Private & Public Driveways

Parking Lots, Private & Public Driveways

Treated salt is an excellent choice for parking lots as it works quickly to restore safe conditions for pedestrians and drivers. Additionally, because of its colorful dye, pedestrians can more easily identify safe passages by spotting the treated areas.

Sidewalks, Walkways & More

Sidewalks, Walkways & More

Treated salt is an excellent choice for sidewalks and walkways, particularly in areas accessible by the general public. It's color treatment is highly visible, highlighting treated areas, while being environmentally and pet friendly.

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We are the premiere distributor of treated rock salt in the Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey region. Whether you’re looking to stop by our distribution center or have a fresh supply delivered to you, Riverside Construction Materials, Inc. has you covered.

Bulk Treated Salt Distribution Center in Bristol, PA

Our distribution center is located in Bristol, PA at our deep-water shipping terminal. With easy access and fast loading through an auto-attended operation, there is no facility more well suited to manage bulk quantities of treated sodium chloride.

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We deliver rock salt to customers all over southeastern PA, with a steady supply from our Bristol distribution center.

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New Jersey

Our clients in New Jersey enjoy a steady supply of high quality bulk rock salt to manage tough winter road conditions.

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Get bulk road salt delivered to your location in Delaware to manage ice and snow on roadways, walkways and more.

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